15 x 30 Oval Above-Ground Pool Leaf Covers

15 x 30 Oval Above-Ground Pool Leaf Covers

15 x 30 Oval Above-Ground Pool Leaf Covers Rating:
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THE SOLUTION FOR EASY WINTER POOL COVER CLEAN-UPS!. With a leaf catcher for above ground swimming pools all the leaves are collected so they can be removed easily during the spring. A pool leaf net cover for above ground swimming pools is very inexpensive but effectively prevents decaying leaves from collecting on your pool cover or in pool water. We carry a range of above ground pool leaf catchers at affordable prices that will fit any size or shape of above ground swimming pool. If your pool is surrounded by heavy tree cover or collects a mass of rotting leaves and debris, our leaf catcher is the solution! Simply lay the Leaf Net Catcher on top of your winter cover before fall leaves begin to drop, then lift off when trees are bare; your winter cover will be virtually free of leaves next Spring! No more messy, decaying leaves submerged on your cover! Made from durable knitted polyethylene. Comes complete with fastening loops, wire cable and metal winch for securing leaf catcher to pool. Cover color is black.


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