How to Get an Automatic Pool Cleaner

If you are one of the lucky ones who own a swimming pool, it is a given that you want to see that sparkling blue water as much as possible in your pool.  Some people prefer to employ a person or a company to keep their swimming pools sparkling. On the other hand, there are numerous products on the market that can help you keep a clean swimming pool on your own.

There are manual pool cleaners that you will need to operate, or computerized products that can be left to clean the swimming pool on their own. Pick a swimming pool cleaner that is reliable and reasonably priced, and works well for your way of life.

Steps to Choosing an Automatic Pool Cleaner:

1.    Analyze the cleaning needs of your swimming pool. See if your swimming pool collects a lot of foliage or other debris and determine what kind of grime gets on the pool walls. This will help you decide on a cleaner.  Bear in mind the size of your swimming pool. If you have a bigger pool, a manual cleaner will take you a longer time to clean it.

2.    Think about a manual pool cleaner. This type of pool cleaner looks like a vacuum. That means you will be manually going through your pool floor, walls and steps one tedious segment at a time clearing it of foliage, grime and other debris. Go manual if you have a lot of time to spare and it’s not a big deal for you spending all those hours ensuring the swimming pool is clean. This alternative might work perfectly if you have an above-ground pool or a smaller in-ground pool. Buy a manual pool cleaner if you are on a budget. For the most part manual pool cleaners cost less than $200. They are more inexpensive than automatic models.

Use a manual pool cleaner if you are a perfectionist. The manual option will give you the capability to supervise the cleansing of your pool. There is no probability of missing spots at all while you clean.

3.    Pick a suction side automatic cleaner if you have fine dirt particles in your swimming pool, such as sand. You attach this gizmo to your skimmer and rely on your pool filter to make it go around the swimming pool.    Most probably, you will have to pony up to  $500 or so for a suction cleaner.

4.    If you have a lot of heavy duty dirt and debris, the ideal selection is a pressure-side pool cleaner. Pressure-side designs make use of water pressure over the pool surface and forces the pool debris into a bag. The price range for this type of cleaner is from $400 to $800. They are more high-priced since they come with a motor and a dedicated water pressure line. Look for environmentally friendly versions of pressure-side pool cleaners. There is no motor for these models. They rely on the pool water pump for their power. Pick the pressure-side swimming pool cleaner if you want your investment to last. If you take care of them, you can expect them to keep on ticking for 10 years or more.

5.    Choose a robotic pool cleaner if you wish for a pool cleaner that operates on its own. These self-contained machines walk around the pool on their own and brush the floor and walls. Get ready to pay more for a computerized pool cleaner. The most simple versions begin at around $650, and with added features they can cost over $4,000.

6.    Save money on energy expenses with a solar powered swimming pool cleaner. These new-fangled pool cleaners consume energy from the sun all through the day and run along the surface of the swimming pool to collect leaves and debris. They cost around $400-$500.

7.   Chat with a sales associate in a swimming pool supply store about your pool. They can really assist you evaluate your alternatives and match the right pool cleaner for your pool. Inquire about specialty cleaners for above-ground pools. For the most part automatic pool cleaners can be used for either above ground or in ground pools, but some cleaners are sold particularly for above ground pools and make use of the existing swimming pool filter and pump.

8.  After you are done with these steps and you have finally selected your pool cleaner, make sure you check on-line first before you buy.  For the more expensive  robotic pool cleaners especially, the price difference is significant in favor of lower on-line pricing,  where savings can be in the hundreds of dollars.  In addition, if you purchase from this website, you might even qualify for a tax-free purchase depending on your state of residence. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, you can also have it delivered within two days for free and return it for free if there are issues with your purchase.

So make sure you remember to browse our home page here as you do your research. The more options you have to review, the better it is for you.

Best of luck on your search!

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