18′ Round 20-Year Warranty Above-Ground Winter Cover

18' Round 20-Year Warranty Above-Ground Winter Cover

18' Round 20-Year Warranty Above-Ground Winter Cover Rating:
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Product Description

This premium winter cover will outlast all other covers! Our top of the line "Gorilla" winter cover has quality features that are unmatched. Triple strength construction ensures long life. The dense thick layer of polyethylene on top and bottom are reinforced by a super strong inner scrim that resists rips and tears. Black underside stops algae growth. Heat sealed seams mean a crystal clear water next spring. Covers have full UV protection imbedded in the material to resist the harmful effects of sunlight for many years. Big 4 foot overlap ensures a proper fit and reduces stretching and ripping. Comes complete with a heavy duty vinyl cable and tightener, and rugged border scrim ensures that grommets hold secure keeping the cover in place. This cover is built from the finest materials and carries a 20 Year Warranty (5 Years Full Rated). Silver in color with black underside. Triple layer construction! 3-Layer Strength Super strong triple layer construction will not rip or tear. Big, 4 foot overlap! Big, 4 foot overlap for longer wear! We don't skimp on fabric! An extra foot of material provides a better fit, especially on pools with wide top-rails. Extra fabric takes up slack during windy weather, preventing excessive wear and tear. No more algae! No more algae growth! Arctic Armor Plus covers are constructed of an extremely tight weave fabric that does not allow light to pass through. Without sunlight, algae cannot grow!


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