21780 Mars Condensate Pump 115volts

21780 Mars Condensate Pump 115volts

21780 Mars Condensate Pump 115volts Rating:
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Product Description

MARS new line of medium condensate pumps are designed to outperform the competition while providing quiet operation and reliability. The MARS pump design couples industry leading performance with the installation flexibility and features you need to get the job done. The quick release silicone check valve allows for quick and efficient servicing without the need to remove the condensate line. The integrated safety switch can be wired for equipment shut down or directly to a high level alarm. This model compares directly to: Little Giant VCMA-20ULS 554425.


  • Lift 24ft, solid float, and standard safety switch
  • Quick release & clean check valve
  • Ball bearing motor construction
  • Motor stack corrosion protection
  • Elevated motor & switches

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