Aquabot Turbo T-JET Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Turbo T-JET Pool Cleaner

Aquabot Turbo T-JET Pool Cleaner Rating:
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Product Description

Designed to clean the floor of any size in-ground or Hopper Bottom above-ground pool. Its unique jet-drive propulsion system allows it to move effortlessly up and down slopes of any type of pool surface. Patented self contained filter system removes all types of debris at a rate of 4,800 gallons per hour. Extra wide, high wheels roll over obstacles such as raised drains, foot prints and uneven floors. Operates safely off 24 Volts. Includes 51 feet of floating cable. ELECTRIC CLEANERS safely run off of a 24 volt transformer just like your home vacuum cleaner except that they move themselves automatically. Simply lower into your pool, plug in and turn on. Cleaners are programmed to randomly cover and vacuum the entire pool floor & walls. Debris on pool floor is vacuumed up and trapped in on-board filters. For Technical support on this item please contact Aqua Products at 1-800-221-1750 Note: This item is not eligible for promotions or specials.


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