Budge P9A16GP1 86x86x14 Hot Tub Cover

Budge P9A16GP1 86x86x14 Hot Tub Cover

Budge P9A16GP1 86x86x14 Hot Tub Cover Rating:
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Product Description

The Budge Piping collection offers a threefold protective barrier for your patio furniture. Made of durable 600 denier polyester, the Budge Piping gives you heavy duty protection from rain, snow, fog, sleet, ice, and debris. Engineered with a Positive Air Flow venting system preventing mold and mildew from collecting by allowing moisture to evaporate. And lastly, all covers are treated with dioxin-free weather resistant coatings that improve the longevity of your patio furniture, adding to its protection from UV rays that cause fading. The threefold protective barrier, along with the unique buckle and strap system that secures your patio furniture even in the windiest conditions, and unforgettable design make the Budge Piping an easy buy for any patio.


  • 86-inch, 14-inch heigh
  • Heavy duty 600 denier polyester material
  • Strap and buckle system keep your furniture covered
  • Water resistant polyester protects furniture in all weather

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