Flexible Non Metallic Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit (1/2″ Dia., 100 ft)

Flexible Non Metallic Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit (1/2" Dia., 100 ft)

Flexible Non Metallic Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit (1/2" Dia., 100 ft) Rating:
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Product Description

This Flexible, Non-Metallic PVC Liquid Tight conduit, commonly referred to as "NM Liquid Tight", "flexible conduit", "Non-Metallic PVC", "Flex PVC" and "PVC Electrical Conduit" is perfect for use in multiple applications for electrical, telephone, cable, HVAC, Refrigeration, landscape lighting and more. Manufactured with a strong yet flexible PVC covering that is smooth inside for easy wire pulling, this Flexible Liquid Tight Electrical Conduit is perfect where the conditions of installation or operation require flexibility and protections from liquids, vapors, solids and the elements (it is cold, heat and sunlight resistant). Constructed of high-quality materials, it is sunlight, ozone, liquid and mildew resistant. It is lightweight and flexible, but it won't collapse, crimp or leak around curves. It has a rigid PVC spiral which provides strength which is surrounded by a flexible PVC jacket for flexibility and water-resistance. UL and CUL approved. This conduit, when utilized with approved fittings, provides complete ground integrity. It is specifically designed for use for machinery, air conditioning, heating applications and outdoor lighting. It is used in industrial and commercial applications for conveyors, blowers, air conditioners, heaters, machine tooling and lubrication equipment, as well as for flexible connections for swimming pools, spas, hot tubs and pond and water garden motors and pumps.


  • Non Metallic Flexible Liquid Tight Conduit
  • Flexible - Can be used in extremely Tight Quarters
  • Light Weight - Lower Installed Costs
  • Resists Corrosion, Oil and Water
  • Resists Crushing and Stretching
  • Smooth Inside for Easier Wire Pulling
  • Outdoor Sunlight Resistant
  • Quick Installation - Cuts with Utility Knife or PVC Cutter
  • UL Rating 140 degrees F Dry, Wet and Oil Resistant
  • No Hazardous Sharp Edges or Burrs - Will Not Damage Wires
  • Works with Non-Metallic Connectors for Liquid Tight Conduit

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