Flexible PVC Pipe – Black – for Pools, Spa’s & Water Gardens (2″ Dia., 25 ft)

Flexible PVC Pipe - Black - for Pools, Spa's & Water Gardens (2" Dia., 25 ft)

Flexible PVC Pipe - Black - for Pools, Spa's & Water Gardens (2" Dia., 25 ft) Rating:
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Product Description

Our Flexible PVC Pipe, commonly referred to as "flex PVC", "flex tubing", "spa tubing", "flexible PVC", and "pond flex" is perfect for use with water gardening (ponds, waterfalls, fountains), drains, aquariums and fish hatcheries, irrigation, farming and gardening, sprinkler lines, pools and spas and other applications where the utilization of rigid pipe is either not practical or not desirable. Strong and long-lasting this hose is ultra-flexible, and can easily be routed in any direction necessary without the use of multiple fittings, thus simplifying plumbing layouts and the installation of your job. It can be used in areas where space (for fittings) is limited and/or in situations that simply will not accommodate rigid pipe. It is sunlight, ozone and mildew resistant.


  • Very Flexible - ideal for working in confined areas. Reduces the number of required fittings and permits the installer/user to make smooth, tight turns. Saves time, labor and cost.
  • PVC tube with rigid PVC helix for strength and flexibility.
  • Coils easily for storage and transportation.
  • Sun, ozone (UV) and chemical resistant.
  • Smooth inside and out - permits unrestricted flow, reducing operating costs.
  • Precisions outside diameter (standard IPS size) is designed to be glued into standard Schedule 40 PVC fittings.
  • Crush and impact resistant
  • Working Temperatures: 4 degrees F to 167 degrees F (Service temperature range is application dependent)

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