Gorilla Floor Padding for 12ft x 20ft Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools

Gorilla Floor Padding for 12ft x 20ft Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools

Gorilla Floor Padding for 12ft x 20ft Oval Above Ground Swimming Pools Rating:
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Product Description

Extend the life of your pool liner and preserve your above ground swimming pool with the strong, soft, and super-durable Gorilla Floor Padding! This super strong floor pad is designed to sit underneath your pool liner, adding cushioning and the extra protection you need to ensure your pool liners lifetime and safety. Unlike foam padding and other imitation lower quality pads, which can easily be cut by glass, roots, or rocks, Gorilla Padding is impervious to almost any sharp object! Made from a durable, felt-like material that is extremely hard to penetrate, the Gorilla Padding is a specially designed geotextile that offers additional cushioning to eliminate footprints from forming and unbeatable protection from leaks and cuts to pool liners. This ingenious padding is cut to size and seamed to your above ground pool- no more cutting and taping as with foam! Dont let vinyl liner bottom leaks throw a monkey wrench into your summer celebration. Virtually eliminate leaks and cuts with the exceptional Gorilla Floor Padding!


  • Gorilla Floor Padding Cut and Sized to Fit 12ft x 20ft Oval Above Ground Swimming Pool
  • Sits Underneath Your Pool Liner for Added Cushioning and Extra Liner Protection - Extends the Lifetime and Safety of Your Liner and Pool / Cushioning Eliminates Footprints from Forming
  • Extremely Hard to Penetrate - Specially Designed Geotextile / Strong Felt-Like Material Approximately 1/8in Thick
  • Impervious to Cuts from Sharp Objects, such as Glass, Roots and Rocks, Virtually Eliminating Vinyl Liner Bottom Leaks!
  • Padding is Cut to Size and Seamed to Your Above Ground Pool- No More Cutting and Taping as with Foam!

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