Intex 24 ft. by 52-Inch Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

Intex 24 ft. by 52-Inch Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

Intex 24 ft. by 52-Inch Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set Rating:
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Product Description

Featuring a generous size of 24' wide and 52" in height, and loaded with great accessories for fun in the sun, the Intex 24' x 52" Metal Frame Set Pool is great for making a splash and entertaining the whole family and all your friends! The included sand filter combo pump uses natural sand and salt to clean and sanitize your pool. Easy to assemble and maintain, this pool is ideal for years of summer enjoyment.
Includes everything you need for a great pool experience, including the powerful Intex 2650 GPH Saltwater sand filter combo pump, hand held skimmer & vacuum, ladder, debris cover, ground cloth, volleyball set and more!
The Saltwater Sand Filter combo pump saves you time, money and frustration. The sand filter function replaces the need to buy expensive filters and the saltwater naturally sanitizes your pool. Get rid of replacement filters and harsh package chemicals so you can spend more time enjoying your pool!
Please Note: Proper installation of any above ground pool requires an area, sufficiently larger than the desired pool, to be leveled flat. Uneven ground, hills or holes must be leveled before pool assembly begins. If severely uneven ground prohibits level ground, proper installation will not be possible.


  • The Metal Frame Set Pool is affordable and easy to set up compared to steel walled pools
  • 52" height and 24' diameter provide a water capacity of 12,481 gallons at 90% capacity
  • Intex 2650 GPH Saltwater sand filter combo pump is included and it has GFC for additional safety
  • Lowest maintenance and most efficient method of pool filtration - No chemicals needed!
  • Includes Intex 2650 GPH sand filter pump, maintenance kit, pool ladder, debris and ground cover, etc

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