iPool 2 Deluxe Resistance Swimming Pool, Blue

iPool 2 Deluxe Resistance Swimming Pool, Blue

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After years of development, FitMax Inc. is proud to introduce the iPool 2 Deluxw (Infinite Pool). This is the latest in resistance swimming. Now available in the United States, the iPool 2 Deluxe provides the user with hours of swimming, at a lower cost with fewer chemicals and less space than a traditional swimming pool. Known as the best form of exercise to train or strengthen the cadiovascular system, swimming minimizes the stress and impact on joints that typically leads to the most common muscular and spinal injuries. Unfortunately, many people do not have access to swimming. FitMax introduces a low-cost alternative for people seeking low-impact, high energy exercise that swimming provides. More importantly, iPool 2 Deluxe takes up only six square meters of space, less than a minivan. iPool 2 Deluxe fits almost anywhere in backyard or within the garage. iPool 2 Deluxe can be assembled by 2 people in about an hour. The iPool 2 Deluxe also includes a upgrade heater and pump/filter. The iPool 2 Deluxe heater is made in the U.S. by Raypak. This heater is specially designed for the iPool so it can be used year round. It also includes a 18 gpm Pump/Filter.


  • Exercise and strengthen your cardiovascular system while minimizing stress and impact on joints that lead to injury
  • iPool 2 stands 54" tall with recommended water level of 47"
  • Recommended for people above 5'7"
  • Set up in about an hour and can be set up almost anywhere
  • Adjustable Elastic Band: Adjust resistance to increase intensity of work out

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