Ultra Flexible PVC Pipe – White

Ultra Flexible PVC Pipe - White

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Tired of fighting the pipe that last few inches to get it into the fitting in that tight spot on your hot tub? Ever wished that someone would invent a flexible PVC pipe for spas and pools that is TRULY flexible? Now the strongest pool and spa pipe is also the most flexible. UltraFlex is here! Designed with a tighter, rigid spiral within a more flexible wall, we are able to provide a pipe that is an installers dream. This is not a "thin wall" pipe. Stronger and even more flexible, this thicker wall design is now the only choice for professional contractors and homeowners alike. The improved flexibility will save installations time and headaches. Please look at the photo above (not photo shopped) - this is the actual hose (1.5" diameter is shown in picture) in a pretzel shape in less than 24 inches. If you need an ultra-flexible PVC pipe for your pool, spa or OEM applications this is the one you need. You will not find a more flexible pipe in the market anywhere.


  • For spas, hot tubs, swimming pools & waterscapes above and below ground installations
  • Less fittings required compared with PVC pipe
  • A true schedule 40 rigid PVC spiral resists crushing and impact
  • FDA non-toxic formulation UV and Antimicrobial resistant
  • Manufactured in the USA with the highest quality PVC compounds
  • Very Flexible - ideal for working in confined areas. Reduces the number of required fittings and permits the installer/user to make smooth, tight turns. Saves time, labor and cost.

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