Vinyl Tubing – Clear

Vinyl Tubing - Clear

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Product Description

This Clear Vinyl Tubing, at times referred to as "vinyl tubing", "PVC tubing", "plastic tubing" and "flexible tubing", is lightweight and flexible. Vinyl Tubing is commonly used in water gardens, aquariums, fish hatcheries, and hundreds of other industries for transportation of liquids, gases and some light solids. Clear tubing has been formulated to meet applicable 3A, and NSF criteria and California Proposition 65 and may be steam sterilized. The Black tubing is more suited for water gardening applications since it resists bacteria and algae growth and is generally less visible in ponds and water gardens.


  • Non Toxic Clear Vinyl Tubing
  • Tubing has NO markings or Printing
  • Resistant to Chemicals
  • Can be steam steralized
  • Working Temp: 5 to 140 degrees F

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